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Welcome to Fake Book City

Greetings Fellow Musicians!

Having a library of good Fake Books is essential,
especially as a Jazz Player. Today the popular thing is
to download them to a tablet and while many of the
following are also available on line, they may be hard
to find.

I've done a lot of searching and found some common and
un-commonly found FBs for easy download or viewing.
If you have any books to share please email me!
All the books in this page were found On-Line.

A high speed connection recommended as these are large files.
Feel free to download as many as you need or want.

Please share with your musician friends! If you have
any FBs others to contribute that are not here
please Email Me and I will add to this resource. Thank you!

Wayne Estrada
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet

Chattanooga, TN


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Important Notice!

I thought this might happen but out of respect for copyrighted material by major music publishers I have removed their Fakebooks to protect their copyrights.
(e.g. Hal Leonard "Real Books" and others...)

Second despite having a good heart towards the music community for seven years running, we have received (less than 180?!?) contributions to keep this site going. Many of the books here are public domain or (perhaps?) out of copyright, and some are collections put together by individuals. Nevertheless I'll keep this site up a little longer but I would GREATLY appreciate a small donation of any amount that you feel comfortable making ($5 suggested)

Today's visitor count is 12388 if by 11,000 there are no more contribs, I am taking ALL of this site down.

Thank You - Please support this while you can!

Here is the link to PayPal:

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